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Sep 25, 2011 5:00am PDT
first! we have the resources! >> meanwhile, michigan, another battleground state, and the battle is playing out this weekend. governors perry and romney were there at a republican party event. candy crowley will have straw poll results that are due a little later this hour. we'll chat with her about that. meanwhile, listen to mitt romney talk about what he'll do on day one as president. >> the burden of regulation is even larger than the burden of our taxation. if i'm president the first thing i'm going to do on day one is issue an executive order saying all the regulations put in place by barack obama's administration are put on hold and we're getting rid of the ones that killed jobs. >> again we are expecting results of that straw poll in michigan coming up at the bottom of the hour. we'll check in with candy crowley. >>> six minutes past the hour now. 80 protesters arrested at demonstrations on wall street during the biggest one-day crackdown in more than a week. we told you about these protests last week when they first started. demonstrators you see here have been gathering
Sep 4, 2011 5:00am PDT
and the michigan game was stopped altogether, so there was wild midwest weather. >> how do you get 80,000 people out and then back in? >> very good question. an efficient evacuation plan. >> at least you know they have a plan in place. it was a good football yesterday, but looked different at one game than we are used to seeing. >> yeah, at the penn state game. and joe paterno was up in the press box, and no word on whether he will be on the sidelines next week when alabama comes to penn state, but you are talking about joe paterno, and he has been nine u.s. presidents come and go and he is still ticking, you know. >> he wants to be on the sideline. >> yeah, he wants to be, but the doctor said not yet and maybe next week. >> you like this video? >> yeah, he decides to bust a move. he has pretty good moves, i have to admit. he was doing a tv interview and asked to dance so he did, and there was a guy to dance during the match, and so he was showing the fan in the stand his own moves. very entertaining. >> what did he do, he won wimbledon and went back home and in a concert in the white jacket, an
Search Results 0 to 2 of about 3 (some duplicates have been removed)